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Chapter 4 - Muscle Tissue

Skeletal Muscle

MH 055a Skeletal Muscle

(longitudinal and cross section)

MH 055ahr Skeletal Muscle

(longitudinal section)

MHS 237 Skeletal Muscle

(longitudinal section)

MHS 262 Skeletal Muscle

(cross section)

Skeletal Muscle Fibers

MHS 238 Teased Muscle

Muscle Insertion

MH 030 Tendon

MH 023bx Fascia Lata

MH 029b Bone

Cardiac Muscle

MH 054 Cardiac Muscle

(longitudinal and cross sections)

MH 056 Muscle Types

(phosphotungstic acid)

Purkinje Fibers

MH 058a Heart

(periodic acid-Schiff's stain)

MH 074 Heart

(phosphotungstic acid)

Smooth Muscle

MH 053 Smooth Muscle

MH 024 Mesentery

MH 016x Small Intestine

MH 130a Gallbladder