Histology Guide

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Chapter 5 - Cartilage and Bone

Cartilage Histogenesis

MH 020b Pig Snout Fetal

Hyaline Cartilage

MH 136 Trachea

MH 046 Hyaline Articular Cartilage

Elastic Cartilage

MH 038-039 Epiglottis


MH 040 Intervertebral Disk


MH 043 Cancellous and Compact Bone


MH 045 Bone


MH 044 Ground Bone

MHS 202 Ground Bone

(Schmorl's stain)

MHS 233 Ground Bone

(India ink)

Intramembranous Bone Formation

MH 046 Bone Development


MH 020b Fetal Pig Snout

MHS 242 Face Embryo

Endochondral Bone Formation

MH 029b Bone


MH 046 Bone Development


MHS 203 Bone


Tooth Development

MH 020a Fetal Pig Snout