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Chapter 6 - Nervous Tissue

Spinal Cord

MH 047 Spinal Cord

MH 001 Nuclear Morphology

(motor neurons)

MHS 240 Spinal Cord

Dorsal Root Ganglion

MH 047 Spinal Cord

MH 051 Dorsal Root Ganglion


MH 050 Dorsal Root Ganglion

Sympathetic Ganglion

MH 047 Spinal Cord

MH 059 Sympathetic Ganglion

Parasympathetic Ganglion

MH 109 Esophagus

MH 123 Colon

MHS 211 Pancreas

Peripheral Nerve

MH 052 Peripheral Nerve

(longitudinal and cross sections)

MHS 239 Peripheral Nerve

(Masson's trichrome)

MH 024 Mesentery

Sensory Nerve Endings

MH 091 Thick Skin

(Meissner's and Pacinian corpuscles)

MH 091ahr Thick Skin

(Meissner's corpuscle)

MH 024 Mesentery

(Pacinian corpuscle)